3 Things

Today's installment is brought to you by the letter "K"...

(1) Kamala

Regular readers know my perpetual disgust with the way the media cover elections—it’s all personality and inside baseball instead of policy.  (Solution via The People’s Platform here). So, I’m guilty of hypocrisy now by making a ridiculously early horse race prediction: unless Kamala Harris trips and falls, she will be one of the last two finalists for the Democratic nomination.  And even if she falls short of top billing, she’ll be the consensus VP pick.  (Full disclosure: I also “guaranteed” that Hillary would win, so there's that...)  If Harris prevails, it will be entirely deserved.  Plenty of time to expand on why later.

(2) Kremlin
Already we’re seeing back channel slams against every Democrat who throws—or even ponders throwing—a hat into the ring.  The latest is the panic that, “Hillary might run!”  Even though she’s never even hinted that.  Which leads me to ask the obvious question: have we learned nothing?  Most of the rumor, innuendo and nit-picking likely has a common source—a troll farm managed by Vladimir Putin.  Here’s how to fight it.  Only trust direct quotes from candidates, their rivals or their spokespeople…or others who are willing to be publicly identified.  If there's no clear source, there's no story. When the media fails at this, let them know. Don't allow Putin to decide another election.

(3) Koch family
These bastards are wolves in creep’s clothing. Their latest program promises to “fix” America’s schools—and this time they say they’ll be nice to the teachers and their unions—the people they’ve vilified all along.  Don’t fall for this.  The far-more-sincere billionaires Bill and Melinda Gates have failed miserably three times at this task, and so will the Kochs.  And for the same reason—they have no clue what, if anything, is wrong with education in the first place.  But what they prescribe will certainly be wrong. More on the “fixing education” myth here.  Also, the perverse motivations of the Kochs are included both here…and in the masterwork Dark Money by investigative reporter Jane Mayer.  The Kochs are the worst of the worst.