An epic American battle

By diderot

April 30, 2019


here are shots across the bow….and then there are bombshells. This one is a bombshell.

Frazier vs. Ali. Batman vs. Superman. And now…Mueller vs. Barr.

With a letter from Mueller effectively accusing Barr of obstruction—specifically, that Barr’s summary of Mueller’s work, “did not fully capture the context, nature and substance” of his work—the gloves have been removed. Knuckles have been bared.

Each of these guys entered the Russia fray with a “respectable” reputation.

Mueller is now returned to superhero status.

Barr is revealed as the political hack he’s always been…stabbing justice in the back.

So now, committee leaders in Congress begin to navigate the difficult waters of having both Mueller and Barr appear to explain their positions—under oath. Will Mueller agree? Is there anything Trump won’t do to prevent Barr from appearing? Odds are that, as I write this, Barr is already in witness protection.

This also, for the first time, creates a lever that might convince Republicans—Senators and voters—that an impeachment process might make sense. The scales of just\ice are teetering.

Trump long ago memorized the lessons of his evil mentor, Roy Cohen. “Lie, cheat and steal” are not sins. They are an instruction manual.

For all that’s been said and written and yelled about Trump and Russia, the President has now crossed the line that’s tripped up countless previous felons.

It’s not the crime—it’s the coverup.

Now it’s real.

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