3 Things: Weak End at Bernie’s

By diderot

March 9, 2019


eak End at Bernie's?...

Today’s “things” are all questions…and all directed at the same man—Bernie Sanders.

A U.S. Senator from Vermont who runs his campaign out of Brooklyn…a defiant independent who periodically joins the Democratic party when he wants to run for President…he either answers these…or deserves the support of no progressive.

(1) Do you swear that, under no circumstances, will you run as a third-party candidate? If you don’t, you know you represent the literal “Trump card” that will again generate chaos and guarantee the current occupant a second term. If defeating him is, as you’ve claimed, your highest priority, then you should have no problem making this promise.

(2) Do you swear that, should you lose the primary, you will do everything in your power to elect the eventual Democratic nominee? That means not vilifying other candidates in a party to which you temporarily belong; it means offering more than a limp-handed “endorsement”; and it means sincerely encouraging your voters not to do what you did last time—bitterly muttering as you faded into obscurity, sitting on your hands in service of the GOP.

(3) Do you swear that, during the campaign, you will directly explain your sad and cowardly voting record opposing logical gun control? As a professed progressive, your history on gun issues is an embarrassment. Are you honest enough to now explain why you did all that?

Your campaign issues the last time around deserve credit for moving the conversation into areas where it needs to be—particularly on income inequality.

But without assurances on the three questions above, you are a textbook example of, “right song/wrong singer.”

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