Channel the Outrage

By diderot

February 15, 2018


t’s a three-dozen ring circus.  Every day.  Every hour.  The well-being of millions of Americans is disregarded.  The lives of innocent Americans—many of them kids—end with the flash from the muzzle of an AR-15.  The only thing that allows us to keep up…is our outrage. 

So here's my request: stifle the outrage.

Not because it isn’t justified. Not because you don’t have a right to be heard. Not because venting doesn’t make you feel better.

It does.

But it also gets in the way.  It wastes minutes we could use to focus on our only true agent of change—the November election.  We have nine months to prepare to get this country right.  If we don’t…your outrage will only grow.  Or may lose it.

To prevent that, I have two other requests:

·       Don’t make this just about Trump.  No question, he is the American Monster that the founding fathers tried to protect us from.  But that lets the rest of the craven GOP off the hook.  They are all guilty.  They have enabled him. And in November, we must make them all wear Trump. 

·       Adopt “two and one”.  This is where your outrage can make a difference.  Make two millennials who didn’t bother to vote in 2016 promise to do so this year.  It’s a cliché to say it’s their future on the line—but that’s true.  And then talk to one moderate/independent voter who you suspect voted for Trump…and tell that soul it’s time to correct the error.  That means for every Senate race.  Every Congressional race.  Every statewide office and legislative district.  The time has come to root out evil.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  There are two other places your outrage can fly high...and make a difference.  If it moves you out to the streets to demonstrate your furor, then do it!  It’s an effective lever to move hesitant voters to your way of thinking…and on to the polls.  And the same thing goes for calling the office of your GOP representative.  Believe me, they will hear you.

But don't bypass the "two and one"--the personal persuading.  It’s what we need to get rid of this disease. Because vengeance is the proper antidote for outrage.  

And when it comes, that vengeance will make you feel better.